Using brick pavers for a patio

Using brick pavers for a patio

Brick pavers offer limitless possibilities for patios. The range of brick pavers available on the market meant homeowners can choose European styled patios or classic-looking brick pavers without compromising on the exterior design of the property.

Pavers are popular for patios because of a few key advantages – ease to maintain, durability, design and waterproofing. Combined with the generally lower installation cost, many properties owners choose pavers for the outdoor areas.

Maintenance of brick pavers

The simplicity in maintaining patios covered by brick pavers is one of the most influential reasons for choosing this modular material. While a concrete slab offers a flat and continuous surface, it could crack and break due to weathering. Because of the time needed for concrete to dry, the weather also played a role during the construction process and may delay the settlement of a new property.

Brick pavers, on the other hand, are less influenced by weathering due to the spaces between the bricks that allowed expansion and contraction. Brick pavers are also simpler to install and clean, lowering the upfront and long-term cost.

The durability of brick pavers

For patios that experience high traffic, such as alfresco dining areas, brick pavers offer the durability needed for frequent foot traffic without the use of the dull grey concrete surface. Thicker brick pavers can even withstand vehicles and temporary stages – a critical feature for an outdoor event space with exterior design in mind.

A durable surface through using brick pavers also meant a safer space. The textual surface of brick pavers fades slower than concrete, providing a gripper surface in the event of a rainstorm. Brick pavers also do not usually have cracks and potholes that may pose a safety risk.

Designing patios with brick pavers

Creating unique designs is the key reason brick pavers are chosen for patios. Brick pavers offer design possibilities through patterns, layouts and colour combinations, allowing the homeowners to choose a style that best matches the exterior walls of their property.

The herringbone pattern is one of the classic brick paving patterns but also the one that is making a comeback. This simple pattern works magic with modern colours to add a minimal design touch to a plain-coloured surface. A smart layout of brick pavers can also create unique designs for your patio.

Brick pavers feature a range of colour options that can match every exterior. Common colours, such as sand, grey, and burgundy, work with both modern and classic exteriors. Combined with patterns, the patio can be uniquely yours.

If you are looking for an even more eye-catching design, natural stone pavers can be a great option as well. These organic stones provide a more classy looking patio. But property owners should be cautious as natural stones are more prone to weathering.

Do you need a permeable surface?

A key thing to consider is if the surface needs to be permeable and allow plantations to grow through the ground. Some areas do not allow rainwater to enter the waterways, therefore requiring a permeable surface.

Finding the right brick pavers for your patio

BuildMart Australia features a range of brick pavers for all your patio paving needs. From classic bricks that work for high traffic patios to European styled pavers for poolsides, our pavers can fit most exterior styles without any issues.

If you need help choosing pavers, contact us on 03 9560 7601 for more details about each paver and its product characteristics.

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