How to build a stacked stone wall?

A stacked stone wall is a type of wall built with flat pieces of stone stacked on top of each other. The stones used for this type of wall are usually thin and flat, making it possible to create a tight fit between the stones. Stacked stone walls are often used as decorative features in gardens and landscapes, but can also be used to create functional walls, such as retaining walls.

Why are stacked stone walls popular?

Stacked stone walls are popular because they offer a natural and rustic look that can complement any type of landscaping. In addition, stacked stone walls are relatively easy to build, and can be done so without the use of mortar.

These walls can be used for a variety of purposes, including as boundaries, privacy screens, or garden features. Building a stacked stone wall is not difficult, but it does take some time and effort.

Steps to build a stacked stone wall

  1. Choose the location for your stacked stone wall. Keep in mind that stacked stone walls are heavy, so you will need a solid foundation.
  2. Excavate the area for your stacked stone wall to a depth of about eight inches.
  3. Install a layer of gravel in the excavation and compact it with a tamper.
  4. Install a layer of concrete in the excavation and smooth it with a trowel.
  5. Install the first course of stacked stone on the concrete, using mortar to set the stones in place.
  6. Continue adding courses of stacked stone, using mortar to set the stones in place. Make sure that the stones are level and that each course is staggered so that the joints do not line up.
  7. When you reach the desired height of your stacked stone wall, finish the top course with a capstone.
  8. Allow the mortar to cure for at least 24 hours before proceeding.
  9. Using stacked stone cladding as a shortcut

    An alternative to building a stacked stone wall from scratch is to use stacked stone cladding. Stacked stone cladding is a type of veneer that consists of thin slices of stacked stone glued to a substrate. It is much easier and quicker to install than traditional stacked stone, not to mention being less costly.

    When installing stacked stone cladding, start at the bottom and work your way up. Apply a layer of mortar or adhesives to the back of each piece of stacked stone cladding and press it into place. Wipe away any excess mortar with a damp cloth. Continue until you reach the top of the wall.

    Where to find and buy stacked stone cladding?

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