Choosing pavers for driveways

Pavers are getting increasingly popular for driveways as it costs less to maintain compared to concrete block and modern technologies allow pavers to take up more weight.

Why do driveways need specific pavers?

Driveways need to withstand heavy use from cars or even utes and trucks. Pavers used for driveways must be able to take the weight of cars, otherwise using pavers do not bring the extra merit of replacing concrete blocks. Standard driveway pavers can take up to 1.9 tonnes while some special pavers can take even more weight.
Pavers for driveways should also consider water absorption rates as water is a big enemy of driveways. Driveways covered with water can cause danger as tyres cannot interact with the ground in an effect called aqua-plaining. Some local councils also require pavers that allow water to seam through to retain underground moisture.

What pavers are best for driveways?

There are many pavers on the market now that are designed specifically for driveways. Some of the more popular pavers for driveways include:

Unipave 80 Concrete Pavers

Unipave is Adbri Masonry’s traditional interlocking paver for home driveway and garden paths. The traditional interlocking paver design creates a sophisticated and timeless look, while the slip-resistant top ensures safe and easy passage. Plus, with its easy-to-maintain surface, keeping your Unipave 80 looking great is a breeze!

Trihex Pavers

Trihex pavers are performance proven with thousands of square metres laid throughout New South Wales including Sydney’s Olympic Park as well as in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

Ecopave Concrete Pavers

The Ecopave permeable paver is a small format Type C segmental concrete paver designed for use in residential, multi-residential and commercial paving applications where sustainable water management must be considered.

Hollandstone Concrete Paver

This versatile traditional brick-shaped paver is a tried and tested solution for both commercial pavements and industrial hardstand pavements. Despite being heavy-duty and hard-wearing, aesthetics have not been compromised with various colours and textures available.

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