Grey Concrete Besser Blocks

Besser® Blocks are tried and tested building blocks suited to a wide range of residential and commercial building projects. Besser Blocks are available in 100, 150, 200 and 300mm series.

The Besser Blocks are quality tested in N.A.T.A laboratory and rated for fire and acoustic. These load bearing concrete blocks are lightweight and created using industrial by-products.

The Besser Blocks are perfect of a range of use cases, including concrete block homes, vertical block walls, basement and carpark walls, retaining walls, garden walls and fences, and commercial and industrial walls.

Bricks & Blocks

Grey Block 140mm

Special: $3.40/unit

Bricks & Blocks

Grey Block 190mm

Special: $4.25/unit

Bricks & Blocks

Grey Block 290mm


Bricks & Blocks

Grey Block 90mm

special: $2.75/unit