Granite Pavers

Granite is another natural stone we use for paving in our home design. They offer benefits that concrete pavers cannot. You cannot buy the building material carelessly. Therefore, you need to compare, see the detail and notice the best and most suitable materials for you. Besides, quality is the number one you have to not ignore. It is good to consult to BuildMart team. Call 03 9560 7601 or get a quote for free. Our showroom opens Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm or on Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Just let you know that we do not open on Sundays and public holidays. If it is possible, visit BuildMart and our consultants will help you to get the best solution for your building materials.

In BuildMart, you will find many affordable granite stones. Some of them are on sale. Where else will you find this great news? Check the list of the granite stones below would be very helpful to you.

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Ash grey flamed

This is only $65 per m2. If you think you need it for pool/ step coper drop face, the price is per unit. By the various size of it, everything is started by consulting the design you desire. BuildMart is happily helping and will not hold you on a fantastic price.

Black pearl granite

The concept of elegant and autumn come in black pearl. The good news is you will get it at the best price. Only $95 per m2, you already get this magnificent style. The sale is approved for two sizes. They are 500x500x20 mm and 600x300x20 mm. Order it now to save more.

Golden crust granite

The price of it is started at $71 per m2 and cheaper for the pool step. You can get it per unit based on the size. The pool/step coper square edge only $30 per unit. You could compare BuildMart price to another store. This offering is really granted to deal.

Ash Grey Granite

The flame series come from $65 per m2. It is for flame PM only. It looks like ash particle and it sticks together. In the light, you will see it is sparkling and more like glitter. The sand particles are clear to see. Get it per unit is cheaper, especially in 1000x500x30 mm. Get it for the pool/ step coper square edge or you may need it for the drop face.

Sesame White Granite

Welcome to the sale! Will you get this only $49 per m2 in somewhere else? Although it looks like full of torn, the design and its appearance are unusual. Sesame white flamed in 600x300x20 mm will help you to save the money more. White, black, silver, and orange are the series of flaming. Solid hard items in exfoliated finish create the sensation of flame. Seeing it makes you notice what makes it special.

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Special: $69/m2

Natural Stone

Black Granite Pavers

Speical: $79/m2
Special: $95/m2
Special: $69/m2
Special: $65/m2