Natural Sandstone for Sale in Australia

Something unique is always an eye-catching point when coming back home or when someone pays a visit. The use of sandstone offers such characteristic with subtle classiness embedded. Sandstone is one of the innovative products in the natural stone range with natural patterns and texture being brought to home. Build Mart offers affordable yet premium building material in Australia.

As a natural stone, sandstone comes with various patterns. In Australia, sandstone is commonly used in pavers, semi-outdoor areas like the terrace, the edge of the swimming pool, and outdoor kitchen, characteristically not slippery and not easy to get dirty. If you get trouble to select the best sandstone that suits you, get a free quote by filling the form in BuildMart website. Or, you can directly visit our showroom in Glen Waverley.

Here are some kinds of sandstones you could choose:

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Coffee Range Sandstone

It consists of Coffee Range Honed, Pool/Step Coper Bullnose, Pool/ Step Coper Square Edge, and Pool/ Step Coper Dropface. The price depends on the width in m2 and unit. The cheapest are pool/ step coper square edge and pool/ step coper bullnose. You only need to spend around $38 for 600x250x30 mm of each. Coffee range honed is the most expensive coffee range sandstone. However, you will get the widest slab.

Desert Sand

This is the most favorite sandstone because it looks very natural. Desert sand is the initial name of sandstone. In BuildMart, you will get the nature of it by only $35. Pool/ step coper bullnose and pool/ step coper drop face could be less expensive than the natural per their unit.

Himalayan Sandstones

If you are looking for the lightest sandstone, this is the answer. It has a soft color and comes at an affordable price. It is starting from $55 for the Honed and $33 for the pool drop face per unit. To help you build the cool like Himalayan season, choose this one.

Rainbow Sandstones

To have something in color, this is the appropriate option. Starting from $50, you can get the colorful concept. It is definitely different from porcelain tile because you cannot get to be slippery or think to have the cold sensation. The sensory parts allow you to have the experience.

Snow White Sandstones

The appearance of this sandstone is elegant. To apply it around the pool is a great idea. Get the pool/ step coper square edge by $40 per unit. This is the great deal you may have. Finding it per SLA costs around $720 for 1650x10x30 mm.

Teakwood Sandstones

The fabulous sandstone around the pool is Teakwood. It is not slippery if wet and the most classic sandstone design. It starts at $25 per unit for pool/ step coper bullnose.

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Natural Stone

Desert Sand

From: $44/m2
From: $58/m2

Natural Stone

Rainbow Sandstone

From: $85/m2

Natural Stone

Teakwood Sandstone

From: $79/m2