Crazy Paving in Melbourne

Crazy paving is essential in many Melbourne houses. Because a touch of irregularity brings uniqueness to even the most mundane design. And BuildMart stocks just the right option for your backyard.

Our products range from the cooler Antrachite, Bluestone Crazy Paver to the warm Desert Sand Sandstone and Rainbow Honed Sandstone. As a result, this seemingly rudimentary paving job creates a humanistic natural touch to a simple yard.

Because of the general characteristic of stones, it is water and weatherproof for poolside and external use. Plus, the naturalness of the stones can bring warmth to the backyard for a happier party.

Depending on the design you are looking for, BuildMart stocks in different quality stones for Melbourne and Australian houses. We only source quality and trusted providers for the durability and visual quality of your new home.