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Paving is essential to the exterior design of a property. A matching paving and exterior wall combination can complement each other and upscale the look of any property. Pavers also allow rainwater to pass through the flat surface and be absorbed by the ground, minimising the chance of a flood. Pavers offer additional benefits in the rain as raindrops do not directly impact a sandy surface and cause sand splashes. If you are looking for concrete pavers, BuildMart has a range of quality and affordable pavers for any building project. Check out our range of pavers with different materials and appearances, including concrete, sandstone, granite and travertine.

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BuildMart Australia has a range of quality concrete pavers available for various exterior and interior projects. Our concrete pavers, such as Unipave, Trihex and Ecopave, are made to last and are great for a range of purposes. Concrete pavers are perfect for heavy-duty uses, such as driveways. If you need more help with choosing the right paver, call our consultants for a free quote. Our specialists will provide tailored advice that will spare you significant time and cash.

From small, budget brick pavers to large format, premium quality concrete paving, and stone alternatives, our products have a wide range of options for your project. Our showroom is located in Glen Waverley. You are welcome to visit us.

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Euro Classic

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line paver, Euro Classic is the answer. The Euro Classic large concrete paver features a smooth and flat surface, making it perfect for the courtyard, patio, or stepping stones.
The paver is available in four colours ranging from light sand to dark grey to fit various designs. Euro Classic is also slip-resistant for outdoor applications. Available in 400mm*400mm*40mm for just $11.80.


With Quadro 40, you can easily create beautiful and long-lasting patios, paths, and courtyards without breaking the bank. This large paver is easy to install and affordable, making it the perfect option for any home improvement project.


Havenslab is a cost-effective solution for residential paving projects. This product has a slip resistance rating of P5, referring to very low slip risk. It comes with a smooth texture as standard but can be made to order with a premium honed or shotblast texture.

Euro Stone

Euro Stone is a distinctive paver with an exposed aggregate surface to highlight the natural stones within. While it is easy to install, this paver offers a designer stylistic touch to courtyards and pool surrounds. The surface is shot-blasted for slip resistance for safety and is safe for driveways as well.

Euro Slate

It comes in Athens colour and Prague. The price starts from $64.20 per m2. This has a natural slate stone with the premium quality of a surface. In addition, if you need the one for around your home, you can use Prague.


The colour of it is charcoal and the price is $51.75 per m2. These are the real concrete pavers and you will love to have them in the garden. It is a solution to control the soil from erosion because it is strong and versatile. It could be used in agriculture including cattle troughs. The grass will muddy after rain, but by Turfgrid, they keep better to get paths.


You have some options on it. they are charcoal, oatmeal, mocha, and Sunstone. Charcoal is a classic paver. It is good for DIY projects. In addition, you can use it in courtyards.


You can have basalt and sand as a series of it for only $23.2/m2. This is the best deal ever for Flagpave. You may use it for a DIY project and this is one of the simple solutions for you.


Coming with some variants, you will save money more. It comes from $38.95/m2 with terracotta, charcoal, sunstone, oatmeal, and mocha. Stradapave is amazing to combine with river stones.

Earth Range

You could have firestone red, slate, straw, and taupe in this series. The price is per unit and it is only $1.29 with a maze appearance.

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We understand that sometimes you are after uniqueness and natural feeling in their home designs, therefore apart from concrete pavers we also offer a wide range of natural stones such as bluestone tiles, granite pavers, and crazy paving stones. Find out more about our natural stone ranges.

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