The garden in the center of the city uses pavers. The backyard in the house needs pavers. Everywhere is full of pavers. It helps the water to absorb well to the ground. In addition, it looks neat and tidy. Even in the rain, it does not make the sands splash. If you want to make the yard in the house looks tidy, BuildMart presents the best concrete paver for you.

If you’re planning for a concrete paving project for your back yard, BuildMart is the choice for you. BuildMart offers the best concrete paver for your project at a reasonable price.  If you are considering of budget, call our consultants for a free quote. Our specialists will give carefully considered advice that will spare you significant time and cash.

From small, budget brick pavers to large format, premium quality concrete paver and stone alternatives, our products have a wide range of options for your project. We locate in Glen Waverley. You are welcome to visit our store.

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Euro Classic

If you are looking for the concrete pavers for the yard, patio, and stepping stones, here is the answer. The surface is smooth and flat. It comes with a premium quality by only $64.40 for 400x400x40 mm. Euro Classic has Cyprus as the color option.

Quadro Color

Sunstone. It is on sale now. You may check its availability below.

Haven club

It has Sunstone as a color option. Its size is long square and suitable to install around the house. Grab it only $31/m2.

Euro Stone

It has three colors. They are Riverina, Zurich, and Prague. The price from $74 per m2. Prague is the easiest one to install. Designer and professional love to put it to their pool surrounds. In addition, it is suitable for a courtyard too. It is a bit different from Zurich. Zurich is premium and the design looks like a linear paving slab. The exfoliate surface makes anyone see it as an elegant and premium series. There is slip resistant addition on it.

Euro Slate

It comes with Athens color and Prague. The price starts from $64.20 per m2. This has a natural slate stone with premium quality of a surface. In addition, if you need the one for around your home, you can use Prague.


The color of it is charcoal and the price is $51.75 per m2. This is the real concrete paver and you will love to have it in the garden. It is a solution to control the soil from erosion because it is strong and versatile. It could be used in agricultural including cattle troughs. The grass will muddy after rain, but by Turfgrid, they keep better to get paths.


You have some options on it. they are charcoal, oatmeal, mocha, and Sunstone. Charcoal is a classic paver. It is good for DIY projects. In addition, you can use it in courtyards.


You can have basalt and sand as the series of it by only $23.2/m2. This is the best deal ever for flagpave. You may use it for a DIY project and this is one of the simple solutions for you.


Coming with some variants, you will save the money more. It comes from $38.95/m2 with terracotta, charcoal, sunstone, oatmeal, and mocha. Stradapave is amazing to combine with river stones.

Earth Range

You could have firestone red, slate, straw, and taupe in this series. The price is per unit and it is only $1.29 with maze appearance.

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