Retaining Wall Bricks

BuildMart’s retaining wall bricks provide excellent supports to the soil for the firm base at many layers of both ends. This system effectively prevents dirt from sticking to the slope and concrete the ground in two different elevations usually in the space of unwanted hills or in the field where the landscape has to be made in particular objectives and proper shapes for unfamiliar surroundings or roadway passages.

The uses of retaining walls

They are the landscaping tools that help the owners of the land areas by overcoming the sloppy fields. They confirm the objective and look good as well. Many landowners use retaining walls to extend the level of land that can be used in their yards. Whereas, civil engineers use these walls to make passageways. They have other environmental advantages like preventing areas from saturation and helping in reducing erosion. They also help to clear enough space for the homeowners in their yards for BBQ.

What are retaining wall bricks?

Retaining wall bricks are bricks specially made for use in retaining walls. Retaining walls are walls that are built to hold back earth or water. They are usually made of concrete, stone, or wood. Retaining wall bricks are made from a special type of clay that is fired at a high temperature. This makes the bricks more durable and less likely to break under the weight of the earth or water that they are holding back.Retaining wall bricks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they can be used to create walls of varying heights. In order to ensure that your retaining wall is built properly, it is important to consult with a professional before beginning your project. Retaining wall bricks are an essential part of any retaining wall, and they can help to ensure that your wall will be strong and durable.

Easy to build retaining walls

For weekend DIYs, retaining wall blocks are your perfect option. These blocks can be easily assembled, with options like interlocking blocks that do not require mortars or glue. Some of the blocks can be built up to 600mm plus cap without the need for engineering advice or additional reinforcement.Retaining walls should be built on a flat surface. Base blocks can be used if you require a flat and solid foundation for your retaining walls.

Our highlights

If you're looking to build retaining walls that look like render, Versasmooth is a great option. For more natural-looking faces, try Versastone and Versawall for natural stone like textures.