Versawall Retaining Wall Blocks

Versawall® is the perfect solution for all your DIY needs. Featuring a large split face texture that results in a natural rock appearance, Versawall blocks can be used as garden edging or planter boxes, with its natural rock appearance makes it an ideal addition. These blocks can be stacked together easily for a weekend project.

Special: $11.40/unit
Special: $11.40/unit
Special: $8.90/unit

Features of the Versawall Retaining Wall Blocks

  • Quick and easy to build with - no need for mortar
  • Interlocking lugs and grooves make it easier to stack wall blocks together
  • Pure vertical - space saving perfect for projects where space is tight
  • Can be laid onto Torpedo Base Blocks for easy installation
  • Specialty corner units for easy 90 degrees corners
  • Speciality caps for a neat finish
  • Gentle curves can be created
  • Large block face for a modern look
  • Tongue and groove joints on the end of each block for easy installation
  • Split face texture provides a natural rock look

Suitable Applications

Versawall retaining wall blocks are constructed of high quality, durable concrete and are perfect for residential and commercial retaining walls. Versawall is the best choice for your garden steps, straight garden wall or planter boxes. Versawall’s interlocking design allows you to build a beautiful, sturdy retaining wall in no time! Unlike other products on the market today, Versawall does not require any mortar or grout to hold it together; just lay it down and start stacking!

Notes on Natural Colour Variation

Whilst these swatches provide a good indication of the Versawall's colours, you should always sight product samples before use. Due to natural variations in aggregates, the colours of the blocks may slightly vary.

Product Size

  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 215mm
  • Height: 200mm

Maximum Unreinforced Height

800mm + Cap (4 blocks) or up to 1400mm with no fines concrete