Wallstone Grande

For short retaining walls to lift up the soil bed in your garden and showcase the gorgeous plants, the Wallstone Grande blocks from Adbri Masonry are perfect for such needs. These blocks feature a large block face with a split face texture that looks natural and quality.

With a timeless colour range, the Wallstone Grande blocks are suitable for most gardens to offer a contemporary design. The bevels on four sides offer a subtle modernistic look to the retaining wall structure while not jeopardising the beauty of the plants.

Applications of Wallstone Grande

You can use the versatile Wallstone Grande in the following applications:
  • Create curves
  • Garden edging
  • Vertical walls
  • Setback walls
  • Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Planter boxes and vegetable boxes
The blocks are designed to be DIY-friendly, great for a weekend project. The maximum unreinforced height of Wallstone Grande is 600mm plus the cap on top, which is four-block in height. The blocks can be laid higher with engineering advice.

What colours do Wallstone Grande have?

The signature retaining wall is available in Oatmeal, Bondi Blend and Charcoal. The three contemporary colours are suitable for most exterior styling. The oatmeal variant is close to sand colour while the Bondi blend features a unique natural-like gradient variation in the block.Each batch of blocks may vary in colour due to the natural variations in the raw material.

What sizes are Wallstone Grande available in?

Wallstone grande is available in four sizes - standard, universal cap, righthand corner and lefthand corner.Standard is your typical rectangular building block while the cap is used to top off the retaining wall. The righthand corner and lefthand corner offer a smooth transition for corners.