Classic Stacked Stone Cladding

Buildmart offers a wide range of classic stack stone that would suit all your needs if you want to:

Adding Values to Your Property

Uplift the aesthetics of your property design today with the addition of our Classic Stack Stone range. Because Buildmart supplies stacked stone tiles to Melbourne and Australia-wide for years and aids thousands of properties in its appearance.

Maximizing Natural Feeling

Our Classic Stack Stone range employs a simplistic approach to maximize the texture and natural feeling brought by stone. As a result, these less visually obtrusive stack stones are perfect with minimalist designs or as a simple addition to upscale existing home designs.

Creating Features to Wall

Stack stone wall claddings are exceptional in creating a feature wall without much hustle. While the classic range is more pleasing in repetitive encounters, such as a wall for the living room, in addition, Buildmart also offers Deluxe Stack Stone for designs requiring more “wow” factor and less frequently seen walls, including the entrance of homes.

Special: $69/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Fawney Meadow

Special: $69/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Obsidian Classic Stacked Stone

Special: $69/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Rustic Charcoal


If you are looking for other stacked stones, check out our deluxe stacked stone range.