Deluxe Stacked Stone Cladding Panels and Tiles

Discover the perfect blend of unmistakable modernity and aesthetic appeal with BuildMart’s deluxe stack stone collection. Whether for commercial or private properties, our premium stacked stone tiles add a touch of sophistication to both indoor and outdoor spaces across Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Crafted with utmost care and using only the finest materials, BuildMart’s luxury stacked stone range offers a diverse selection of styles that promise to exceed your expectations. The unique textures of stack stone tiles ensure a stunning and natural finish, adding durability to any surface they adorn.

When it comes to elevating your home’s interior and exterior, BuildMart stands as your ultimate choice. Experience the difference with our free quote service or visit our showroom in Glen Waverley. If you prefer a more minimalist approach, explore our Classic Stackstone Range for additional options.

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Highlights of our stacked stone

With our premium sourced natural stone, our stacked stone cladding upscale any exterior and interior to another level.

Blue Angel

Like the name, it is a peaceful stack stone. You will love it for the flat wall. Even for the corner, it is available to you. Make sure you get the right size because it is only $89 per m2. Blu Angel size is 600x150x15-20 mm. The corner pieces have a different size from flat.

Sovereign Gold

Are you looking for light stack stone? This is the answer. It is light and looks sparkling. You will love to have it in your house to limit the fish pool with the rainfall. Same as Blue Angel, the price of starts from $89 per m2.

Opal Quartz

Like on and off button, opal quartz makes your wall looks hidden and show at the same time. Opal colour looks great indoors. Get the price as two previous stack stone. The perfect appearance begins here.

Jade Slate

This is one of the deluxe stack stones. It is good to be seen in any season. Make sure you know how to install it. Whether indoor or outdoor, it keeps beautiful under the dark. Do not worry about strength. The good point is it will not easy for the moss to stay there. It is durable and up to date. Talk to the BuildMart team about more reasons you have to buy the stacked stone. It is like how you stick the maze.

Blue Lake

For the most inspiring artistic stack stone, the blue lake comes to give you the feeling of the lake.  Its design is simple, but it helps you to get a better feeling. It is light, so it is suitable to install near the garden.

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From: $75/m2
Special: $75/m2
From: $79/m2
Special: $110/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Coconut Slice Stacked Stone

From: $89/m2
From: $99/m2
From: $55/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Modern Gold Stacked Stone

Special: $89/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Sandy Quartz Stacked Stone

Special: $75/m2
Special: $120/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Silver Travertine Stackstone


Stone Wall Cladding

Sovereign Gold Stacked Stone

Special: $75/m2

Stone Wall Cladding

Yellow River Stacked Stone

From: $99/m2

What is stack stone cladding?

Stack stone cladding, also known as stacked stone, is a type of natural stone veneer that is used for both exterior and interior walls. The stone is cut into thin, uniform pieces that are stacked and bonded together with mortar. This creates a cohesive, textured surface that is both durable and attractive. Stack stone is often used for feature walls, fireplaces, and other architectural elements that require a natural stone finish.The natural stone used for stack stone cladding can come from different types of rock such as granite, limestone, sandstone, quartzite, and slate. Each type of stone has its own unique characteristics such as colour, texture, and durability.In addition to the traditional method of cutting and stacking the stone, there are also pre-manufactured panel systems available that are made of lightweight concrete and moulded to mimic the look of natural stack stone. This type of cladding is becoming increasingly popular as it is more cost-effective and easier to install than traditional stack stone.Stack stone cladding is a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects because of its durability, natural beauty, and versatility. It is relatively easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution and a soft brush.

Top 11 FAQs About Stacked Stones

  1. What do I use to attach the stone to the wall?
  2. We recommend using Mapei’s Kerabond Plus cement-based adhesive with their Isolastic additive. Mapei is a well-known and trusted leader in construction adhesives with over 70yrs experience. Their two parts adhesive system guarantees a strong and flexible solution that is competitive in price.
  3. What surface can I attach the stone to?
  4. Natural stone cladding can be attached to either a masonry substrate (brick or cinder block) or a cement sheet substrate. We recommend using a product called Stone Sheet. It has been specially designed for stone cladding. All substrates should be clean, flat, dry and square before cladding installation.
  5. How high can I safely go with the stone cladding?
  6. Australian standards regulate that at every 2.4m height interval there needs to be a steel angle brace secured to the substrate to hold the excess weight above that point.
  7. How heavy is the stone?
  8. It is approximately 46.8kg per square meter. This weight will vary slightly due to the nature of the natural stone.
  9. Does it go around curves?
  10. Stone cladding is traditionally a rigid product, therefore it doesn’t allow for any flexibility. You are able to cut the cladding in such a way that it can cover curves, although this creates more of a 50-cent piece curve rather than a 20-cent piece curve.
  11. Can the stone be attached to a regular timber boundary fence?
  12. Due to the weight of our stack stone, regular timber boundary fences are not applicable for stone cladding. Over time the stone will wrap and pull the fence down. Also Kerabond Plus does not adhere to timber.
  13. Will the stone fade over time?
  14. Although our stack stone is natural, with the harsh climate, in some cases fading can occur. These cases are very rare and generally happen in extreme circumstances. Coating our stone with either a penetrating or surface sealer will help prevent these occurrences.
  15. Will the stone grow moss or algae?
  16. There have been cases of moss and algae beginning to grow on our stone cladding which has been found when our stone is either submerged in water or placed in a damp area. To avoid this from happening it is recommended to use either a penetrating or surface sealer.
  17. Does the stone rust?
  18. Certain varieties of stack stone have been known to rust. But by simply coating these types of stack stones with a penetrating sealer you can prevent this unsightly possibility from happening.
  19. Do I need to seal it?
  20. We recommend sealing our stack stone at least with a penetrating sealer. This will reduce the chance of staining, fading and growth of unwanted algae and moss. Alternatively, if you require a “wet look” to your stone a surface sealer will generate this aesthetic.
  21. Will the stone date and age?
  22. Stack stone when used in the appropriate way can add a timeless and elegant look that adds value to any home. At a turn of the century, the stacked stone fireplace still has the same desired effect and “look”. Being 100% natural the same goes for stone cladding.