Blueocean Sawn 200 Grit

From: $60/m2
Sawn Tile 600x300x12mm $60/m2
Sawn Paver 400x400x20mm $64/m2
Sawn Paver 600x300x20mm $64/m2
Sawn Paver 500x500x20mm $71/m2
Sawn Paver 600x600x20mm $76/m2
Sawn Paver 800x400x20mm $76/m2
Sawn Paver 800x800x20mm $114/m2
Sawn Paver 1005x500x20mm $83/m2
Sawn Paver 1200x600x20mm $97/m2
Sawn Paver 1000x1000x20mm $213/m2
Sawn Paver 400x400x30mm $91/m2
Sawn Paver 500x500x30mm $91/m2
Sawn Paver 600x300x30mm $91/m2
Sawn Paver 800x400x30mm $99/m2
Sawn Paver 1005x500x30mm $119/m2
Sawn Ashlar Pattern different sizes $79/m2
Blueocean Sawn 2000x810x20mm $299/slab
Blueocean Sawn 2000x810x30mm $341/slab
Blueocean Sawn 2000x810x40mm $427/slab
Blueocean Sawn 2000x810x50mm $441/slab
Blueocean Sawn 2000x810x60mm $584/slab
Blueocean Sawn 2000x1000x30mm $570/slab
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 600x300x20mm $24/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 400x400x30mm $29/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 500x500x30mm $33/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 600x250x30mm $30/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 600x350x30mm $31/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 1005x350x30mm $50/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 1005x500x30mm $59/unit
Sawn Coping Bullnose Edge 1200x400x30mm $59/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 500x500x30mm $34/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 600x230x30mm $26/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 600x250x30mm $29/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 600x300x30mm $30/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 600x350x30mm $31/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 800x400x30mm $43/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 1005x350x30mm $49/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 1005x500x30mm $63/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 1200x400x30mm $63/unit
Sawn Coping Square Edge 800x400x40mm $54/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 600x350x20 drop 40mm $51/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 800x400x20 drop 50mm $80/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 600x350x20 drop 60mm $57/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 500x500x30 drop 80mm $76/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 600x350x30 drop 80mm $67/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 1005x350x30 drop 80mm $109/unit
Sawn Coping Dropface 1005x500x30 drop 80mm $129/unit

Bluestone is a well-known stone in Australia which is known as basalt in other parts of the world. Many buildings during our pioneering days were built from it. Known for its hardness and ruggedness, it’s fitting that basalt is now used to make bluestone tiles. For that cool look around spas, swimming pools, patios as well as hallways, kitchens and even a bluestone shower. You can’t go far wrong if you use bluestone floor tiles!

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