Bluestone HAINAN sawn 300 Grit

From: $49/m2
HN Sawn Tile 600x300x10mm $49/m2
HN Sawn Paver 500x500x20mm $60/m2
HN Sawn Paver 500x500x30mm $82/m2
HN Sawn Paver 600x300x20mm $57/m2
HN Sawn Paver 600x300x30mm $79/m2
HN Sawn Tile 600x600x10mm $60/m2
HN Sawn Paver 600x600x20mm $63/m2
HN Sawn Paver 600x600x30mm $85/m2
HN Sawn Paver 800x400x20mm $60/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1000x500x20mm $63/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1000x500x30mm $85/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1200x600x20mm $67/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1200x600x30mm $89/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1200x600x40mm $111/m2
HN Sawn Paver 1200x600x60mm $165/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x600x20mm $80/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x600x30mm $108/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x600x40mm $136/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x800x20mm $103/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x800x30mm $132/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x800x40mm $161/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x1000x20mm $128/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x1000x30mm $157/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2000x1000x40mm $186/m2
HN Sawn Slab 2800x800x20mm $120/m2
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 500x500x30mm $26/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 600x300x30mm $20/unit
Pool/Step Coper Square edge 600x300x30mm $18/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 600x400x20mm drop40mm $37/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 600x400x30mm drop60mm $44/unit
Pool/Step Coper Square edge 1000x250x30mm $28/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 1000x250x30mm drop 60mm $46/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 1000x350x20mm drop 40mm $55/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 1000x350x30mm $39/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 1000x350x30mm drop 60mm $63/unit
Pool/Step Coper Square edge 1000x350x30mm $37/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 1000x500x30mm drop 60mm $91/unit
Pool/Step Coper Interal Dropface 600x600x30mm drop 60mm $82/unit
Pool/Step Coper Exteral Dropface 400x400x30mm drop 60mm $47/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 600x400x30mm $23/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 800x400x30mm drop 60mm $54/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 1000x350x30mm drop 60mm $60/unit

“Grit” relates to the fineness of the finish. Diamond polishing pads are used to remove the blade marks from the stone just like sandpaper. Low numbers (50) are coarse, higher numbers (800) are fine. The stone gets darker with finer pads and becomes quite dark and polished with 1500 grit.

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