Bluestone Stepping Stones

From: $12/unit
Organic Sawn Finish300upx300upx30mm$12/unit
Organic Sawn Finish450upx300upx30mm$22/unit
Organic Sawn Finish500upx400upx30mm$25/unit
Organic Sawn Finish600upx500upx30mm$45/unit
Organic Sawn Finish800upx600upx30mm$69/unit
Organic Sawn Finish1000upx800upx30mm$155/unit
Organic Sawn Honed400x400x30mm$24/unit
Organic Sawn Honed600x600x30mm$47/unit
Organic Sawn Honed800x400x20mm$37/unit

These garden stepping stones are made from our most requested stone, bluestone, sandstone, slate, granite, quartz stepping stones. You will also find that garden stepping stones are a wonderful addition to any garden or home. They are made from natural stone and because each have an individual shape make a unique path that you will not find replicated elsewhere. garden stepping stones Stepping stones can make a great design statement in your garden and they are a way to minimise wear and tear on your lawn. They are not hard to lay and you can do them yourself or there are no scarcity of landscapers who can do this for you. Did you know that stepping stones are called “tobi-ishi“in Japan. The literal translation is “Flying stones” or “Skipping stones”. Depending how laid walking on a stepping stone path requires a bit more attention than walking on a paved surface. The visitor has to make tiny jumps to get from one stone to another. But laid as skipping stones they can create great fun for your kids to “skip” around your garden.

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