AB Courtyard Collection Colour: Sandstone

From: $4.75/unit
AB® Courtyard York 230/180x150x180mm $4.75/unit
AB® Courtyard Dublin 420x150x180mm $9.45/unit
AB® Courtyard Corner 390x150x180mm $9.45/unit
AB® Courtyard Cap 235/180x90x250mm $5.75/unit
AB® Courtyard Pier Cap 610x80x305mm $23.20/unit

AB® Courtyard is a unique, DIY, freestanding wall system which allows you to construct custom creations in your home! Build patio walls, front fences, fire pits, entrance monuments, bench seats and much more! Your home improvement project is only limited by your imagination. With AB® Courtyard you are able to build freestanding walls to 750mm high and piers to 900mm high plus caps and soil retaining walls and garden beds up to 300mm in height.

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