Crema Marfil Marble

From: $160/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed full body305x305x10mm$160/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed full body610x305x10mm$167/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed full body600x600x15mm$177/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed porcelain backed tile305x305x12mm$146/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed porcelain backed tile305x610x12mm$150/m2
Crema marfil polished porcelain backed tile457x457x12mm$150/m2
Crema marfil polished/honed porcelain backed tile600x600x12mm$167/m2

A Spanish stroke of beauty, the Crema Marfil is renowned for infiltrating the Australian market as a stone of choice. With its cream colours and veining, this stone is highly demanded for residential and commercial jobs. It durability and aesthetics make this stone a perfect all-rounder.

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