Crema Novelda Limestone

Crema novelda tumbled/brushed600x400x20mm$79/m2
Crema novelda tumbled/brushed600x400x30mm$95/m2
Crema novelda tumbled/brushed900x600x20mm$85/m2
Pool/Step Coper bullnose600x400x20mm round bullnose$25/unit
Pool/Step Coper bullnose600x400x30mm round bullnose$32/unit
Pool/Step Coper dropface600x400x30 square drop 60mm$83/unit

A soft cream that is so dense you can use anywhere!. The Crema Novelda is a stone you can use for any application. It has a smooth refined surface that is solid with no holes, whilst having a tumbled edge to add extra character. The Egyptian stone adds class with a super price that you can’t look past.

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