Desert Sand

From: $35/m2
Desert sand Natural 300x200x15mm $35/m2
Desert sand Natural 300x300x15mm $40/m2
Desert sand Natural 400x400x15mm $50/m2
Desert sand Natural 600x300x15mm $50/m2
Desert sand Natural 600x600x15mm $56/m2
Desert sand Natural 600x300x30mm $67/m2
Desert sand Natural 600x400x30mm $69/m2
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 600x400x18mm 30mm round drop $33/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface 600x400x18mm 30mm square drop $33/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 600x400x30mm $30/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 600x300x18mm $25/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose 400x400x18mm $22.50/unit

When people think sandstone, people think Desert sand. This sandstone is the most common and demanded sandstone as is has the classic sand look with mannerisms and variations like no other.

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