EBONY SERIES Wall-Hung Vanity

From: $223/set
EBONY-600WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)580*455*420mm vanity set with UV31-600 1TH$223/set
EBONY-600WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)580*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-600$293/set
EBONY-600WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)580*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-600-ST$293/set
EBONY-750WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)730*455*420mm vanity set with UV31-750 1TH$278/set
EBONY-750WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)730*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-750$348/set
EBONY-750WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)730*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-750-ST$348/set
EBONY-900WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)880*455*420mm vanity set with UV31-900 1TH$334/unit
EBONY-900WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)880*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-900$404/unit
EBONY-900WW/WB/WB5(WHITE/BLACK/BROWN)880*455*420mm vanity set with UM26-900-ST$404/unit



  • Wall-Hung vanity with round handles with 1 soft-closing drawer
  • High gloss BLACK finished (** Also available in WHITE or BROWN colour)
  • 2 Pac polyurethane
  • MDF cabinet
  • Metal drawer runners
  • 1 year warranty replacement product or parts
  • Size available in : 580*450*460mm / 730*450*460mm / 880*450*460mm
  • Matching top  :
  1. UV31 / TB46- or ST46- (Bench top only) with choice of 1 or 3 tap hole

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