EMG 9008

Special: $1499
Max Airflow(m³/h):
1180(IEC 61591)
895x522x566 mm without Decoration CoverSpecial:$1499$1599
Max Airflow(m³/h):
1180(IEC 61591)
895x522x566 mm with Decoration CoverSpecial:$1599$1699
Product Details
AIS technology expands the scope of smoke capture and achieves precise capture
The butterfly wing ring suction plate design makes the smoke control area sink, closer to the 580mm gold smoke control area, and gathers the diffused oil smoke. At the same time, the traditional intermediate suction is upgraded to a four-sided ring suction. The fumes generated by the outer burner, which used to be a headache for ordinary range hoods, can also be easily controlled from now on.

The power is surging enough, so why not be afraid of big fumes
The DC variable frequency motor can generate an ultra-fast rotation speed of 100,000 revolutions per minute, bringing a strong suction force of 1090m3/h*. This means that large fumes can be inhaled quickly. At the same time, the Fangtai DC variable frequency motor is designed by the original factory, which is more adaptable and stable in operation. In response to the huge oil fume produced by the high temperature of stir-frying, Fangtai also has a targeted ´instant suction´ mode.
The sound should be low-key and the smoke should be strong
The DC variable frequency motor brings a static pressure of up to 900Pa, and the infinitely variable speed meets the resistance to match the stronger exhaust pressure. It is suitable for the pipeline environment of different houses, not afraid of long flue and many turns, and the oil fumes can be discharged smoothly. Originally designed DC variable frequency motor, bionic wing impeller, micro-porous noise reduction for aerospace applications, and smooth Nautilus suction duct to create soft and low noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in the fun of cooking.

Filter clean, smell fresh
FOTILE unique triple oil filter technology perfectly separates grease, reduces particulate matter up to 2 times that of ordinary hoods, and returns the kitchen´s clean air with a magical ´filter net´. The taste is more in place. The first wind guide structure, no turbulence and no blowing.
The installation steps are simple, try DIY yourself



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