Eureka-Kikuyu Turf

Price: $11.95/m2

The Toughest And Most Durable

A warm season turf that thrives in sun and heat. Eureka Kikuyu turf performs at its best when cut between 25-50mm and mown short each spring to reduce thatch. Ryegrass can be sown into the Kikuyu turf in autumn as a companion species to give winter colour. Kikuyu turf can go dormant for approximately 8 weeks during Victorian winters.

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Benefits of Eureka Kikuyu

  • Drought Tolerant

    Drought Tolerant

  • Hardwearing


  • Lush Green Lawn

    Lush Green Lawn

  • Self  repairing

    Self  repairing

  • Pet  friendly

    Pet  friendly

    Eureka Kikuyu Origins & Specifications

    Native to East Africa, Kikuyu was originally imported to Australia as a Pasture grass. Kikuyu is a fast repairing grass following wear and tolerates dry periods in summer. New male sterile varieties such as Village Green stay greener in winter and do not visibly flower. These varieties are available as turf only. Common types can be propagated by seed or vegetative methods. To read more about Eureka Kikuyu download the product tech sheet.


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