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Gas pressure (Pa)/Voltage 2750/1000900*520*57.5mmSpecial:$1599$1799
Product Details
With 23MJ/h high heat, stir-frying is more delicious
The main furnace head uses a three-ring fire technology to release chef-level firepower of up to 23MJ/h, which can heat faster in the same scene and save cooking time.

The furnace head is made of refined copper, which has better heat resistance and heat conduction
The selected brass gold furnace head is resistant to high temperature corrosion and will not be deformed for a long time;
The innovative addition of black porcelain film and aluminum and silver-white materials and the use of three-color matching make it more atmospheric.
Equal temperature in one pot, balanced everywhere
The ingredients with uneven heat are easy to be cooked with raw parts, or the center temperature is too high, causing them to stick to the pot.
The professional three-ring fire of FOTILE realizes the simultaneous change of three-ring firepower, which evenly covers the pot bottom and realizes the same cooking of ingredients in the same pot.

Wide-range firepower adjustment for the right heat
1.2-23MJWith a wide range of firepower options, you can enjoy a variety of taste feasts such as stir-frying, stewing, and frying. If you love to make stir-fried and healthy steamed dishes, you can start the extremely high heat. If you like to make soup and porridge, there is also a delicate low heat to cooperate with you. With three furnace heads working together, any delicacy can be easily cooked.
Steaming and cooking soup without waiting, Intelligent timing, accurate control of cooking time
FOTILE cooker can help you achieve precise timing, setting the duration freely within 0-180 minutes, accurate to every minute, and it will take the initiative to remind and automatically cut off the gas source when the timing is over.

Five-layer safety panel, high temperature resistance and safer
While enjoying your cooking, FOTILE provides comprehensive protection for you and your family.
Simple Design
Simple Design and Uncompromising Kitchen Style
The elegant and introverted tempered glass is ultra-thin and simple, and looks like an artwork in the kitchen.


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