From: $48/unit
Standard 2M 2000x200x75mm $48/unit
Heavy Duty 2M 2000x200x90mm $51/unit
Extra Heavy Duty 2M 2000x200x100mm $55/unit
Heavy Duty 2.4M 2400x200x90mm $62/unit
Extra Heavy Duty 2.4M 2400x200x110mm $70/unit

Outback Sleepers are all 40MPA and have recently updated our sleeper to be in accordance with the revised Australian Standard AS3600 – Concrete Structures (2009). Sleepers can be built from 200 high to 4m high. Sleeper thickness will depend on the height of the wall and the engineering requests, and the steel that would be required is 125×65 Channel and 120UB65 I beam for walls up to 1m, unless stated otherwise by an engineer. If you email your wall height and length and if there are any corners and delivery or pick up, we can quote on the supply of sleepers and steel. If you have engineering, let us know what the engineer has written regarding the size of steel and sleepers to help with a quote on supply and delivery. Anything over 1m must have council approval and this will the require engineering. We have engineering for our sleepers that is available to your engineer if requested, they are AS3600/2009 compliant and certified.

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