Kerabond Plus

From: $17.50/bag
Kerabond plus grey 20kgunder 10 bags$21.50/bag
Kerabond plus grey 20kgover 10 bags$19.50/bag
Kerabond plus grey 20kgfull pallet 64 bags$17.50/bag
Kerabond plus white 20kgunder 10 bags$26/bag
Kerabond plus white 20kgover 10 bags$23.50/bag
Kerabond plus white 20kgfull pallet 64 bags$21/bag

Cement based powder with superior bond strength suitable for all types of tiles and natural stones. Can be used on interior and exterior floor and wall installations of every type of tile and natural stones onto rigid substrates. Technical data: Pot life of mix: over 8 hours. Open time: 20 minutes. Ready for grouting on walls: 4-8 hours Ready for grouting on floors: 24 hours Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours. Ready for use: 14 days. Colour: Grey or White. Storage: 12 months. Packaging: 20 kg bag.

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