Keraquick S1

From: $41.50/bag
Keraquick S1 Grey 20kgunder 10 bags$52/bag
Keraquick S1 Grey 20kgover 10 bags$46.50/bag
Keraquick S1 Grey 20kgFull pallet 64 bags$41.50/bag
Keraquick S1 White 20kgunder 10 bags$60.50/bag
Keraquick S1 White 20kgover 10 bags$54.50/bag
Keraquick S1 White 20kgFull pallet 64 bags$48.50/bag

High-performance, quick-setting, deformable cementitious adhesive with no vertical slip for ceramic tiles and stone material stable in the presence of humidity (thickness of adhesive up to 10 mm). With very low emission of volatile organic compounds. TECHNICAL DATA: Pot life of mix: 30 minutes. Open time: 20 minutes. Waiting time before grouting: 2-3 hours. Set to light foot traffic: approx. 2-3 hours. Ready for use: approx. 24 hours (3 days for basins and swimming pools). Deformability according to EN 12004: S1 – deformable. Colours: white and grey. Application: N° 4, 5 or 6 notched trowel. EMICODE: EC1 R Plus – very low emission. Storage: 12 months. Consumption: 2-5 kg/m². Packaging: 25 kg bags and 4 x 5 kg Alupack boxes.

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