From: $14.50/bag
Keraset grey 20kgunder 10 bags$18/bag
Keraset grey 20kgover 10 bags$16.50/bag
Keraset grey 20kgfull pallet 64 bags$14.50/bag

Cementitious adhesive for ceramic tiles. Applications: Interior and exterior floor and wall bonding of all types of small sized ceramic tiles and mosaics for environments that are not particularly stressed on conventional walls with cementitious renders, cementitious screeds and on anhydrite screeds and gypsum plasters specifically primed beforehand. Technical data: Pot life: 6-8 hours. Open time: 20 minutes. Grouting: – walls: 3-6 hours; – floors: 24 hours. Set to light foot traffic: approx. 24 hours. Ready for use: approx. 14 days. Colours: grey and white. Application: notched trowel n. 4 or 5 or 6. Storage: 12 months. Consumption 2-5 kg/m2. Packaging 25 kg bags. Keraset is CE marked, as declared in ITT certificate nº 71230101.101 (SFV) issued by the Säurefliesner-Vereinigung e.V. Grossburgwedel laboratory (Germany)

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