Kund Multicolour Slate

Kund Multicolour Hand Cut300x150x5-10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Hand Cut305x205x5-10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Hand Cut300x300x5-10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Hand Cut380x190x5-10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Hand Cut405x205x5-10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Sawn Edge300x200x10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Sawn Edge300x300x10mm$55/m2
Kund Multicolour Sawn Edge400x400x10mm$55/m2

The most commonly used slate in today’s market. The Multi Colour comes in two finishes sawn cut and hand cut, sawn cut relates to a straight edge along all sides of the tile, while hand cut has chipped edges. This slate is ideal for any internal or external application.

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