London Grey Brushed and Tumbled Limestone

From: $125/m2
London Grey tumbled/brushed600x400x20mm$125/m2
London Grey tumbled/brushed900x600x20mm$145/m2
London Grey tumbled/brushed600x400x30mm$145/m2
Pool/Step Coper dropface600x400x30 drop 60mm$99/unit
London Grey tumbled/brushedFRENCH PATTERN 20mm$115/m2

Finally it is here. A market favourite! The London Grey has been sold around Australia at astronomical prices! HOWEVER!! That no longer is the case. This beautiful Egyptian limestone paver is the perfect grey that is requested almost every day by customers, architects and interior designers’ This dense stone is perfect for any internal or external application. It has a smooth refined surface that is solid with no holes, whilst having a tumbled edge to add extra character. The Egyptian stone adds class with a super price that you can’t look past.

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