Sandhurst Stone

From: $6.60/unit
10.101- Full Length Split390x190x90mm$6.60/unit
10.103- 1/2 Length Split190x190x90mm$5.25/unit
10.109- 1/2 Height Split390x90x90mm$3.50/unit
10.117- 1/4 Height Split390x40x90mm$3.30/unit
10.105- 3/4 Length Split RF End290x190x90mm$8.60/unit
20.101- Full Length Split390x190x190mm$9.10/unit
20.103- 1/2 Length Split190x190x190mm$7.30/unit
10.101- Full Length Split Ivory390x190x90mm$7.80/unit
10.103- 1/2 Length Split Ivory190x190x90mm$6.20/unit
10.109- 1/2 Height Split Ivory390x90x90mm$4.10/unit
10.117- 1/4 Height Split Ivory390x40x90mm$3.90/unit
10.105- 3/4 Length Split RF End Ivory290x190x90mm$10.15/unit
20.101- Full Length Split Ivory390x190x190mm$10.75/unit
20.103- 1/2 Length Split Ivory190x190x190mm$8.60/unit

Sandhurst Stone is a traditional split face coloured concrete building block. These blocks are suitable for DIY projects at home as well as commercial walls. This product is made to order thus minimum quantities and lead times apply.

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