Sesame White Granite

Special: $66/m2
Sesame White Flamed G603600x300x20mmSpecial:$66/m2$73/m2
Sesame White Flamed G603500x500x20mmSpecial:$66/m2$73/m2
Sesame White Flamed G6031000x500x20mmSpecial:$69/m2$76/m2
Sesame White Flamed G603600x400x20mmSpecial:$68/m2$75/m2
Pool/Step Coper Square Edge600x400x30mm$39/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface600x400x20mm drop 60mm$60/unit

A solid hard-wearing granite that is ideal for any desired use. This granite is a very dense product that has been torched with a flame to cause an exfoliated finish, commonly known as “Flamed” finish. The flamed finish provides the stone with a high grip surface, hence its popularity for domestic and commercial jobs. The flamed granite range is spread across 4 colours that include: white , black, Silver & orange/yellow .

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