Siena Taupe Sandblasted & Tumbled Limestone

Special: $88/m2
Siena Taupe Sandblasted & Tumbled Limestone610x406x12mmSpecial:$88/m2$98/m2
Siena Taupe Sandblasted & Tumbled Limestone610x406x30mmSpecial:$113/m2$126/m2
Siena Taupe Sandblasted & Tumbled Limestone610x406x30mm Drop Edge 60mm$98/unit

Siena Taupe Sandblasted & Tumbled Limestone offers a refined and timeless aesthetic for your outdoor areas. The warm taupe tones combined with a sandblasted and tumbled finish create a textured and inviting look. Ideal for patios, pathways, and garden areas, this limestone is both durable and weather-resistant, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality. Its elegant appearance enhances both traditional and contemporary landscapes, making Siena Taupe Limestone a versatile choice for any design project. With its blend of sophistication and durability, this stone is perfect for creating stunning outdoor spaces that endure the test of time.

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