Silver Unfilled Tumbled Travertine

Special: $90/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled150x75x10mmSpecial:$90/m2$100/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled406x406x12mmSpecial:$90/m2$100/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled610x406x12mmSpecial:$94/m2$104/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbledFrench Pattern 12mmSpecial:$90/m2$100/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled610x610x12mmSpecial:$117/m2$130/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled406x406x30mmSpecial:$124/m2$138/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled610x406x30mmSpecial:$125/m2$140/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbled610x610x30mmSpecial:$150/m2$170/m2
Silver travertine unfilled/tumbledpremium French Pattern 30mmSpecial:$123/m2$137/m2
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose610x406x30mm$53.50/unit
Pool/Step Coper Bullnose/Pencil Edge1220x406x30mm$116/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface610x406x30mm 60mm square drop$100/unit
Pool/Step Coper Dropface610x406x30mm 80mm square drop$123/unit

The silver travertine might just be the most exclusive and extravagant travertine on the market, with strong greys and light creams this stone amazes people. Our Silver comes in a wide range that allows us to cater for different needs.

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