Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf

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DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

A drought and shade tolerant variety. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass requires minimal irrigation and fertiliser to maintain colour and can be mown shorter than other Buffalo types. Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf provides a good quality lawn in both sun and shaded areas.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Premium Lawn Turf is a superior quality soft buffalo grass giving unmatched performance for Australian conditions. Here you can find out all there is to know about this ideal, low maintenance lawn called ‘Sir Walter’ DNA Certified Buffalo turf. To download the tech sheet you can go here.

Grub Free Guarantee

Anco’s Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf is treated with Acelypryn to ensure grub and bug free turf for 3 months from delivery.
This product is the latest innovation in the control of grubs in your lawn. Traditionally, to treat for grubs in your lawn you would have to spray several potentially toxic chemicals on the leaf of the plant.
Acelepryn® however is a non toxic insect killer, which when sprayed onto the leaves is absorbed and moves upwards within the plant, where it is then digested by the grub, disrupts its feeding patterns, and eventually causes it to starve. Acelepryn® is NOT a poison and is safe for your whole family & your pets.
We believe so much in Acelepryn® we will guarantee that if you find turf damage caused by grubs within three months of delivery of your turf we will re-spray with Acelepryn®.

Why Choose DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Buffalo Grass?

Sir Walter DNA certified Buffalo Turf is the preferred choice for Melbourne garden lovers because Sir Walter grass provides the most luscious lawn all year round.
Choose DNA Certified Sir Walter buffalo lawn for; landscaped gardens, ovals, council parks, communal outdoor spaces, nature strips, courtyards, backyards and otherwise, to create an attractive outdoor landscape which is barefoot friendly and durable.
Not only is DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo lawn aesthetically pleasing, it is also a cost-efficient turf type as it requires very little maintenance; watering and fertilising. Thanks to its drought resistant quality less water use means that buffalo turf Melbourne offers significant long-term cost savings.
AncoTurf are trusted suppliers of the highest quality DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo grass and guarantee that their Sir Walter buffalo turf is DNA certified and genuine for a longer lasting, highly tolerant lawn.
Think Anco Turf for DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo Melbourne suppliers.

How do you know it’s genuine Sir Walter?

How do you know it’s genuine Sir Walter?

To check whether your Sir Walter Buffalo turf is genuine in Melbourne Australia, make sure you acquire your lawn from an accredited and certified lawn supplier. Your lawn supplier should stock Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Lawn and certify that the turf is an original breed.

As a member of Lawn Solutions Australia, consumers receive comfort knowing that the supplier follows stringent and nationally recognised turf growing standards. This will ensure your new Sir Walter Buffalo grass will perform well, last a long time and not lose its integrity.

Why Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia’s Number One Lawn?

Why Sir Walter Buffalo is Australia’s Number One Lawn?

Australia’s number one lawn is the Sir Walter Buffalo turf variety. The turf thrives in all climates and it is ideal for Melbourne Australia because it can adjust to all types of weather and environmental conditions. Sir Walter Buffalo grass requires less maintenance and mowing, is drought tolerant, resistant to pests and low allergenic.

It is also pet and child friendly because each leaf is broad, lush and soft offering an ideal playing space. Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is great for the front and back yard because it has been bred with quality nutrients and self-repairs when required.

How Should I Care For My Sir Walter Buffalo Turf?

The best way to care for your Sir Walter Buffalo turf is to follow all supplier instructions and ensure that your care is regular and the right amount. Your supplier will provide you with critical information which you must follow. There are also great care tips and information available on our website.

To help you get started with caring for your new or existing Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass, check that you have considered the following tips.

  • How much should I water? Watering supports a deep root system. This helps to keep the turf healthy and resistant to disease and damage. When the lawn is laid, regular watering over the entire lawn is required to prevent the turf drying out. This will help the sub-soil to remain moist. After the lawn has established, water occasionally and wisely. Remember, do not over water your turf or flood it.
  • How often should I mow the lawn? A new lawn should not be mowed immediately. It is essential that the turf establishes and matures. Allow it to grow to around 6 cm so that the grass has planted effectively in the ground. When mowing, never trim more than a third of the leaf. During the summer season, weekly or fortnightly mowing is recommended.
  • Is fertiliser required? When you lay new turf, remember to add nutrients during the first two months. This will help give the grass the nutrients it needs to establish well and grow appropriately. Once the lawn has established, sprinkle fertiliser during the Summer, Autumn and Spring seasons.
  • How to maintain the grass in winter? The grass is a hardy variety and requires little maintenance and mowing during winter conditions. Avoid applying fertiliser during this period of time due to cooler conditions. Do not worry if your turf grows slowly during this season.
  • Does the turf like sunny conditions? Sir Walter Buffalo turf enjoys both sunny and shaded locations. This means your turf can fully cover your front and back yard and provide a great place to enjoy activities with family, friends and pets.

How Does Sir Walter Buffalo Handle Weeds?

To handle weeds, the Sir Walter Buffalo grass variety has a tight growth habit which prevents weeds from taking over the lawn. This lawn variety is weed resistant because each broad leaf is soft and lush offering full coverage. With complete growth, weeds are unable to penetrate through and cause any unpleasant look and feel.

Is Sir Walter Appropriate For The Melbourne Climate?

Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is perfect and ideal for the Melbourne climate. Melbourne is known for having hot and cold days, rainy and dry days, and humid, sunny and freezing days. While all these weather conditions present at unknown times, Sir Walter Buffalo turf will not be affected throughout the year. The grass is a hardy variety that requires low maintenance and care and looks healthy every time.

The reason why Sir Walter Buffalo lawn looks great and lasts a long time is that it has been bred following strict requirements with quality nutrients in superb growing conditions.

Melbourne’s Favourite Turf Variety – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Turf is Melbourne’s favourite turf variety. Whether you are playing a game of cricket or enjoying a meal with family and friends, Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is perfect for all activities. The grass variety is tolerant to all climate conditions and its evergreen appearance provides a satisfying look to your front and back yard.

With low care and maintenance required, you can enjoy your Sir Walter Buffalo lawn all year round without having to worry about watering, mowing, plucking weeds and engaging in any repair treatment. The turf is self-repairing and because of its certified status, its integrity and longevity are superior to other lawn varieties.

Melbournians are known to enjoy the outdoors and spend quality time in all weather conditions and this turf will enhance that experience. The Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass variety is resistant to pests, weeds and disease and it provides the optimal ground to enjoy time with family, friends and pets.

Investing in premium turf like Sir Walter Buffalo grass allows you to receive full turf coverage because it grows well in both sunny and shaded places. The lawn is also drought tolerant which helps people in rural conditions install quality green turf at their property without concern.

Reasons why Sir Walter DNA Certified is a great choice!

  • Australian made Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf is bred following strict growing conditions and quality nutrients.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass is a popular choice among Australians because it survives all climate conditions.
  • An evergreen variety that is soft and hardy, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn looks new and healthy throughout the year.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf is resistant to pests, weeds and disease.
  • Requiring low care and maintenance, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass does not need to be watered and mown often.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn is pet and child friendly because it is low allergenic and does not cause itchiness or bruises.
  • Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf is ideal for both sunny and shaded locations.
  • A better option than pavers, pebbles or concrete, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass is cheaper, self-repairable and easy to install.

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