TIFTUF Bermuda Turf

Price: $15.95/m2

The hybrid Bermuda Grass

TifTuf is the result of 25 years of research and development from a world renowned, University Turfgrass breeding program. Extremely drought tolerant and  wear tolerant, TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is ideal for front and backyards, as well as commercial and high wear sports areas.  TifTuf is the outstanding performer when a good looking fineleaf lawn is required. Darker green in colour than other Bermuda grass varieties TifTuf maintains colour longer under drought stress. A low input variety, TifTuf requires very minimal irrigation and fertility once established.

Why Choose TifTuf Bermuda?

  • Hand selected from over 30,000 different varieties of turf grass
  • Has had almost 25 years of research conducted on it by the worlds leading turf grass scientists
  • Superior drought tolerance requiring on average 38% less water then other varieties
  • Fantastic winter colour and spring green up qualities
  • Self repairing
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Comes with a 10 Year Product Warranty

Reasons Why TifTuf is a Popular Choice

  • TifTuf is extremely drought tolerant requiring 38% less water than other varieties.
  • Tiftuf maintains its look and quality under drought stress.
  • TifTuf comes with a ten year LSA Warranty.
  • TifTuf is a fine textured fineleaf grass.
  • TifTuf is resistant to traffic.
  • TifTuf will grow in all soil types.
  • TifTuf is more disease resistant than other Bermudas.
TifTuf is the environmentally friendly option

TifTuf is a type of lawn that has been carefully engineered and designed to minimise our impact on the environment. With natural resources depleting due to global warming and the effects of climate change on the environment, we must be cautious with our use of water. TifTuf is an innovative type of lawn that is environmentally friendly and the green option for landscapers.

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