Tixobond Fine S1

From: $37/bag
Tixobond Fine S1 White 20kgunder 10 bags$46.50/bag
Tixobond Fine S1 White 20kgover 10 bags$42/bag
Tixobond Fine S1 White 20kgFull pallet 64 bags$37/bag

Ultra-white cementitious deformable fine grained adhesive with no vertical slip and extended open time, for the installation of ceramic tiles on walls and floors Applications: – For ordinary concrete slabs, suspended concrete slabs and screeds completely cured which have been wood floated or broom finished. Technical data: Pot life: over 8 hours. Open time: 30 minutes. Set to light foot traffic: after 24 hours Ready for use: 14 days. Colour: white. Storage: 12 months. Consumption: approx 1.25kg/m2 per mm of thickness. Packaging: 20kg paper bag

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