Yellow River Stacked Stone

From: $99/m2
Flat Piece600x225x20-35mmSpecial:$99/m2$165/m2
Corner Pieces600x225x20-35mmSpecial:$109/m2$175/m2

Extracted from the finest quarries of Stone Cladding World, the stacked stone is the highest quality. We are here to provide you the best service and products. Our cladding experts are ready and able to answer your questions and queries whenever they might arise.

BUILDMART Stacked stone is made from 100% natural material. Our stacked stone will suit all landscape and architectural visions. Our numerous colors and textures also guarantee that our stone cladding can be integrated seamlessly into any of Australia’s climates.

Top Ten FAQ’s.

What do I use to attach the stone to the wall?

We recommends using Mapei’s Kerabond Plus cement based adhesive with their Isolastic additive. Mapei is a well known and trusted leader in construction adhesives with over 70yrs experience. Their two parts adhesive system guaranties a strong and flexible solution that is competitive in price.

What surface can I attach the stone to?

Natural stone cladding can be attached to either a masonry substrate (brick or cinder block) or cement sheet substrate. We recommends using a product called Stone Sheet. It has been specially designed for stone cladding. All substrates should be clean, flat, dry and square before installation of cladding.

How high can I safely go with the stone cladding?

Australian standards regulate that at every 2.4m height interval there needs to  be a steel angle brace secured to the substrate to hold the excess weight above that point.

How heavy is the stone?

It is approximately 46.8kg per square meter. This weight will vary slightly due to the nature of natural stone.

Does it go around curves?

Stone cladding is traditionally a rigid product, therefore it doesn’t allow for any flexibility. You are able to cut the cladding in such a way that it can cover curves, although this creates more of a 50cent piece curve rather than a 20cent piece curve.

Can the stone be attached to a regular timber boundary fence?

Due to the weight of our stack stone, regular timber boundary fences are not applicable for stone cladding. Over time the stone will wrap and pull the fence down. Also Kerabond Plus does not adhere to timber.

Will the stone fade over time?

Although our stack stone is natural, with the harsh climate, in some cases fading can occur. These cases are very rare and generally happen in extreme circumstances. Coating our stone with either a penetrating or surface sealer will help prevent these occurrences.

Will the stone grow moss or algae?

There have been cases of moss and algae beginning to grow on our stone cladding which have been found when our stone is either submerged in water or placed in a damp area. To avoid this from happening it is recommended to use either a penetrating or surface sealer.

Does the stone rust?

Certain varieties of stack stone have been known to rust. But by simply coating these types of stack stone with a penetrating sealer you can prevent this unsightly possibility from happening.

Do I need to seal it?

Stone Cladding World recommends sealing our stack stone at least with a penetrating sealer. This will serve to reduce the chance of staining; fading and growth of unwanted algae and moss. Alternatively if you require a “wet look”  to your stone a surface sealer will generate this aesthetic.

Will the stone date and age?

Stack stone when used in the appropriate way can add a timeless and elegant look that adds value to any home. A turn of the century, the stack  stone fireplace still has the same desired effect and “look”. Being 100% natural the same goes for stone cladding.

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