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Air Flow 1390 (m³/h)897x750x375mmSpecial:$2199$2399
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Accurate dual-cavity fume control
Air inlet at both sides, with concentrated suction, fits the rising path of fumes. The 900mm broaden air inlet locks the fume sources of burners in both sides, achieving the accurate fume control.
According to the principle of “Golden fume control zone”, the air inlet is set at a height of 500mm from the cooktop panel, intercepting the fumes in advance to block the disfffussion. No chance for fumes to eacape, show you an excellent gathering effect!

Speed-up Straight Extraction System, direct suction and exhaustion
4 crucial points of the hood(fume source, air inlet, volute and air outlet) form a straight line for direction suction and fume exhaustion.
The Nautilus Air Passageway design, with the superpower of the impeller, is set in the air inlet and turbo port to enhance the fume extraction and accelerate the fume exhaustion.
Strong core creates a perfect balance of power and quietness
BLDC variable frequency motor means a powerful guarantee of strong suction and exhaustion.
The original manufacturer BLDC inverter motor, combining strong power with considerate care, ensures the fumes no escape with the consideration of “less disturbing” effect.

All-matched hood, no limitation for ideal kitchen
The lighter 325mm fan rack is perfectly embeddedin into the cabinet body of 370mm depth. There is no limitation for the hood to match with any cabinet.
Adjustable suspension design can realize the micro-seam installation between hood and cabinet, with perfect sealing effect and visual coordination.
Noise reduction technology, low to 48 dB
Noise is reducted by multi-cavity frequency division technology, basing on the Hermhoz Resonance principle. Nautilus suction air channel makes the distribution of fumes smoothly. Quietly enjoy your cooking time, and stay away from the greasy fumes.

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